Sweet Solitude: 10 least visited national parks


A hundred years ago, President Woodrow Wilson signed the act creating the National Park Service (NPS). A century later, there are more U.S. national parks, more beauty and…more crowds. So if you want all the majestic nature without having to share it with all of the annoying crowds, visit one of the least visited American […]

Best National Parks


Historical past. Wanderer sollten sich auch hier mit der Bedeutung des Begriffs Bären-Sicherheit vertraut machen, der aus Rangersicht vor allem Sorge um das Tier ausdrückt. Doch egal, wer nun wen stört, Menschen sollten unbedingt Abstand halten, so die eindringliche Warnung. Außer Schwarzbären kommen Elche, Rotluchse, Kojoten, Stachelschweine, Waschbären sowie Bergziegen und Murmeltiere vor. The park […]

Are there National Parks Outside the U.S.A?


Hello Rangers! Welcome to Ranger Ruby YouTube Channel! Today in this video, I will go over the question Are there National Parks Outside the U.S.A? This question can boil down to two other questions both of which are answered in this video. Be sure to like, share, comment, and subscribe. Also comment down below with […]