Fall Trip 2018: Jasper NP, Banff NP and Glacier NP MT, USA in 4k


Five day fall trip to Jasper National Park AB CA, Banff National Park AB CA and Glacier National Park MT, USA from Sep 20th – 25th 2018.

Trip Highlights:
Jasper National Park:
– Maligne Canyon
– Maligne Lake
– Athabasca Glacier Icewalk, Columbia Icefield
– Athabasca Falls

Banff National Park:
– Lake Moraine
– Lake Louise
– Peyto Lake Overlook

Calgary AB, Canada:
– Calgary Tower

Glacier National Park MT, USA
– Going to the Sun Road (GTTS)
– Bird Woman Falls
– Lunch Creek
– Wild Goose Island
– Jackson Glacier Overlook
– Trail of the Cedars
– Sun Point
– Sunrift Gorge
– Overlook near Highline Trail
– Logan Pass Visitor Center

One of the most beautiful Mountains, Lakes and water falls in the whole world, not just US/Canada (in my opinion). Lakes/waterfalls are easily accessible in Jasper and Banff National Parks. Going-to- the-Sun road in Glacier National Park has frequent overlooks/viewpoints to stop and take pictures.

Jasper vs Banff vs Glacier: Personally I think each NP is unique but I would choose Banff if I have to pick one. I have listed below why I would pick one NP over the other:

Banff NP:
-Massive Mountains and Glacial Lakes
– Ease of access to view points.

Jasper NP:
– Massive mountains
– Amazing waterfalls and canyons.
– Athabasca Glacier/Ice walk

Glacier NP MT:
– Peaks not as massive as Banff/Jasper NP but they are in the
same league.
– Unique glacier-carved mountains
– GTTS (Going-to-the-Sun road) with easy access and view points.
– Cheaper accommodations and many restaurants nearby
– Offers more trails

– Please fill up your gas as soon as it goes below half tank near
Jasper. There is a gas station in Jasper but it closes early and
after that next gas station is more than 100 km away.
– These NP are huge (especially Jasper and Banff NP). Driving from
Jasper to end of Jasper NP can roughly take around 2 hours, so
plan accordingly and have your accommodations close by,
preferably at Jasper to visit Jasper NP and Banff/Canmore to visit
Banff NP.
– Prefer not to visit busy places e.g. Lake Louise, Moraine etc. on
week days as it can get too crowded.
– Keep your schedule somewhat flexible as weather can change
quickly and you should have other alternatives to visit.
– If you are planning to visit in September, keep in mind that it can
get really cloudy at the end of the month. Try to stay between 10th
and 18th Sep.
– Fall is great time to visit to beat the crowds.

GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition, Galaxy Note8, DJI Spark, Nikon D800

Free mp3 sounds of wind, lake and car was downloaded from the website: https://www.soundjay.com/

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