Road tripping through the USA’s National Parks



Patsy and AJ love adventure travel. They love the great outdoors. And they love getting to know new people from all over the world. Throw in a van, camping gear, roadside tacos and some friendly locals who know their way around…and you’ve got yourself an epic American road trip, Intrepid style. These guys travelled through some of the best national parks in the US, including Yosemite, Bishop, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Moab and the Grand Canyon. Incorporating a mix of free time and unique experiences, our USA Basix trips are an affordable, fun way to explore the spectacular national parks and quirky towns of California, Nevada, Arizona and beyond.

At Intrepid, we offer more than just small group trips. Our travellers choose to see the world in a way that builds human connection, supports local communities, respects the environment and draws us all a bit closer together. As the world’s leading operator of sustainable, ethical travel adventures, Intrepid puts responsible travel at the core of our entire business.

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2 thoughts on “Road tripping through the USA’s National Parks”

  1. Road tripping….

    Just the best, to see the west!
    View the scenery, amidst the greenery.
    Take a walk, have a talk.
    Eat your way, throughout the day.
    Have a beer, make new cheer.
    Without any fuss, its just a must.

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