HTUW The most beautiful national parks of the USA


The Alps are an impressive mountainous landscape. But they are comparatively small and young in comparison with other mountains on the earth. Hans Jöchler and his team travelled the Rocky Mountains and their foothills from north to south to film the a choice of North American national parks.

The main attention focuses on the rock formations and allows a closer look far back into the geological history of the earth in primeval times. The film provides interesting pictures and interesting facts about the geology as well as fauna and flora of the oldest nature reserves of the world. As an expert for geological and paleontological questions, Dr. Robert Darga, Curator and Manager of the Natural History and Mammoth Museum in Siegsdorf – Bavaria Germany supplies informative facts about the geological development of the mountains.

The journey leads from the Teton and Glacier National Park to the Yel-lowstone National Park with its volcanic geology. Further south the team has a look at impressing locations like the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, the Arches National Park, the Coyote Butes and much more. Not only the landscape but also a bunch of interesting animals are part of this nature documentary. Hans came close to capture for example the Black bear, wapiti deers, chipmunks, bighorn sheep, elks etc.. Hans created deliberately romantic pictures of places which have written a thrilling chapter in the world’s geological history.