How to Play Trekking the National Parks in 4 Minutes – The Rules Girl


The Rules Girl takes a look at Trekking the National Parks from Underdog Games.

In Trekking the National Parks, players visit parks around the USA, while camping at major parks for special abilities, and collecting sets of stones.

In order to win, you must collect the most victory points by the end of the game, earned by claiming park cards, occupying major parks, collecting stones, and having the most stones of a color.

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5 thoughts on “How to Play Trekking the National Parks in 4 Minutes – The Rules Girl”

  1. Thanks for the rules explanation. I love national parks and have been excited about this game for a while, but couldn’t convince my wife we should get it. Now she agrees we should get it. Now if I can only find it somewhere……….

  2. NO ADIRONDACKS? What is this game. Think excluding the biggest park in the US was a mistake. Also it’s so wonderful living here. Plenty of board game time in this fall foliage. Game looks great. Although Snubbing the A-Dacks is a shame.
    Great video though.

  3. Sweet! A modern game with Hawaii involved! Don’t get any ideas of taking actual stones from Hawaii State if you ever visit 🤙🏼

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